What happens if a house doesn’t have the proper footings?

Certainly! Having proper footings is essential for any building project, as they serve as the foundation upon which everything else is built. Footings are typically concrete structures that are installed below ground level, with their depth and size dependent on the size of the structure they are supporting. But what happens when a house doesn’t have the proper footings? This can lead to a range of potential issues, the severity of which can depend on various factors such as the type of construction, the climate, and the soil conditions. For example, without proper footings, the house may become unstable over time, resulting in cracks and other physical damage. In more extreme cases, the entire structure could collapse, putting anyone inside at risk. Additionally, improper footings can lead to moisture intrusion, which can eventually cause damage to the foundation and structural components. Ensuring that a house has proper footings is essential to preventing these potential problems and ensuring a safe and durable structure for years to come.

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